Knowledge transfer

The Institute, with the aim of applying the most modern scientific achievements in agriculture, through the direct transfer of knowledge from creators – faculties and scientific research institutes to advisors of Agricultural Advisory and Expert Services, contributes to the advancement of agriculture and rural development of Serbia.
Special emphasis/accent on knowledge transfer has been given since 2010, when the Institute received the status of Authorized Organization from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia for training and perfecting of agricultural advisers and agricultural producers.
Through continuous work of the experts, the Institute develops educational advisory modules, implemented in cooperation with eminent scientists and researchers in the country and abroad, in order good practices in agriculture, food production and rural development be applied. Since 2010, the Institute has developed and transferred knowledge to advisors and producers through more than 100 modules, through three axes: 1) Up-to-date knowledge, 2) Expanding knowledge, and 3) Acquisition of the applied skills – controlling advisory skills.