About us

The Institute for Science Application in Agriculture (IPN) was established in 1977 by the integration of the Cattle Selection and Registering Office (established in 1952) and the Center for Promotion of Agricultural Production of the Republic of Serbia (established in 1958).
Since it’s establishing until today, it passed through various forms of organization, and today it is the eminent scientific research institute in the field of agriculture, with several decades of experience, based on three fields:
research – knowledge transfer – advisory services
The expert team of the Institute is made up of renowned scientists, researchers and experts from the most important fields of agriculture: field and vegetable crop production, livestock production, fruit growing and vineyards, plant protection and agro economics, who give their answers to multidisciplinary demands of modern agriculture.
The framework of scientific research work is in biotechnical sciences, i.e. applied and developmental multidisciplinary researches in the field of agriculture and rural development, in accordance with the priorities of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in the area of agriculture, food and biotechnology as well as the Strategy of Agricultural and Rural Development of the Republic Serbia.
Through its scientific research work, the Institute contributes to the promotion of the production of safe food and providing food security for the population, economic profitability and sustainable life in rural areas, facing climate change challenges and finding solutions and new opportunities in rational use of resources in agriculture and others.
In order to efficiently apply the most modern scientific achievements in agriculture the Institute for the mission has to raise the level of knowledge and skills of agricultural advisers and agricultural producers. It makes a unique link, linking the common goals of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia. Direct knowledge transfer to advisors of Agricultural Advisory and Expert Services contributes to the advancement of agriculture and rural development of Serbia.
To respond to the challenges faced by the Serbian agriculture, the Institute establishes cooperation and exchanges of knowledge and experience with scientific institutions and agricultural advisory services from the region, EU and beyond.