Ordinal number Projects of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia – Realization Period: 2011-2020. years
1. WiseFarmer project – Connecting farm generations in the digital age (
2. Contemporary breeding of small grain crops for present and future needs
2. Application of various breeding-selection biotechnological methods for breeding pigs 1
3. Research on modern biotechnological processes in animal feed production in order to increase competitiveness, quality and safety of food
4. The influence of quality of components in ciprinid nutrition on meat quality, losses and economy of production
5. Sustainable conventional and revitalized traditional meat and egg production with added value
6. Production of hard cheese with added value of milk produced in organic and sustainable systems
7. Creation of low-luxuriant substrates for sweet cherry and sour cherry and developing cultivation technology on the principles of sustainable agriculture
8. Application of new genotypes and technological innovations in order to improve fruit and wine production
9. Sustainable agriculture and rural development in the function of achieving the strategic goals of the Republic of Serbia within the Danube region
10. Rural labor markets and rural economy of Serbia – diversification of income and possibilities of poverty reduction
11. Development of integrated systems for the control of harmful organisms in plant production with the aim of overcoming resistance and improving quality and food safety
12. Osmotic dehydration of food – energy and ecological aspects of sustainable production
13. New Products of cereal and pseudo-cereals from organic production
14. Reduction of toxigenic fungi from Fusarium genus and their mycotoxins in the production of safe food based on grains
15. Optimization of technological processes and zootechnical resources on farms in order to improve the sustainability of milk production

Ordinal number Other and international projects of the Institute for Science Application in Agriculture – Realization Period: 2011-2018. years
1. Sustainable agricultural holding management
2. Improvement of financial knowledge and records in agricultural holdings
3. Ecologically acceptable vegetable production in a protected area
4. FAO: Integrated Pest Management of Western Corn Rootworm in Eastern and Central Europe (IPM on WCR in ECE) (GTFS/RER/017/ITA)
5. IBRD (World Bank)-funded project: Serbian Transitional Agricultural Reform (STAR) project
6. Improvement of the work organization of the agricultural cooperatives in Serbia according to the Norwegian model “(part of the bilateral cooperation agreement between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. Jaeren Produktutvikling Grant broj – SRB 09/23 1.12.2009)
7. Regional Coordination of FADN
8. EU Cross-border-Co-operation Programme Hungary-Serbia: ’’Research cooperation on developing innovative fish feed for promotion of healthy food in region’’
9. TEMPUS project:“Building Capacity of Serbian Agricultural Education to Link with Society“ (acronym: CaSA)
10. EU Twinning Light Project: SR/2012/IB/AG/01TWL “Assistance to the Managing Authority of the Serbian MAEP in negotiation and accreditation of the IPARD 2014-2020 Program”
11. Horizon 2020 project: FAIRshare ”Farm Advisory digital Innovation tools Realised and Shared”. Competition: H2020-RUR-2018-2020, Topic: RUR-13-2018 Enabling the farm advisor community to prepare farmers for the digital age