Researchers of the Institute for Science Aplication in Agriculture

The team of the Institute consists of sixteen permanent employed researchers, with domestic and international experience from various fields of agriculture and agricultural advisory, who are continuously cooperating with numerous faculties and institutes in the country and abroad.

1. Ph.D. Rade Jovanović, scientific advisor
2. Prof. Ph.D. Snežana Janković, scientific advisor
3. Ph.D. Aleksandra Bočarov-Stančić, scientific advisor
4. Ph.D. Slavica Čolić, senior scientific associate
5. Ph.D. Željko Novaković, senior scientific associate
6. Ph.D. Dragan Rahović, scientific associate
7. Ph.D. Nataša Tolimir, scientific associate
8. Ph.D. Slađan Stanković, scientific associate
9. Ph.D. Radmila Beskorovajni, scientific associate
10. Ph.D. Divna Simić, scientific associate
11. Ph.D. Ivana Bakić, scientific associate
12. Ph.D. Marijana Maslovarić, scientific associate
13. Vedran Tomić, master, research associate
14. Robert Radišić, research associate
15. Nikola Popović, master, research probationer
16. Nikola Ljiljanić, master, research associate